The setting sun looked like a glowing cross on that fateful day.

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Aomori City, Japan


There was once a secret society in the Aomori Prefecture known as the 'Twin Dragon Society'. Their members were devoted to the study of ancient history and occult knowledge.

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But on this day something unexpected would happen which would mark the end of their organization forever.

3 6


Their headquarters were infiltrated by masked invaders.

4 7


One of them poured a jug of gasoline onto the carpet.

5 7


He lit a match and then threw it. He stepped out of the way as the fire burst forth and a tall shadowy figure walked by.

6 4


This giant of a man walked towards their leader. He took out a sword and with one felt swoop of it he killed him.

7 7


8 4


A man hiding in the shadows watched in horror as he observed the massacre. When the fire spread closer to him then he fled from the scene.

9 7


He knew what they were looking for.

10 7


The man drove back home to return to his family.

11 6


He needed to protect them.

12 7


His son would be returning from school at about this time.

15 7


"Hey I'll see you later Ken."
"Bye, Yoshi."

16 7


18 6


When Ken got back from school. He relaxed and laid down on the couch.

18 8


19 5


His mother came to him and said: "There you are Ken."

20 4


"Your father seems very distressed about something..."

21 3


"He's writing in his journal right now. Why don't you see how he's doing?"
When Ken heard this, he leaned up from the couch.

22 1


Ken: "...Okay."
He stood up and left.

23 1


Ken's father was writing in his journal.

25 1


He was waiting patiently for his son to return.

25 3


He stopped writing when he heard a voice come from behind him: "Father?"

26 1


Ken: "What are..."
Something caught his eye.

27 1


"What is that?"
His father took hold of the briefcase and closed it shut.

28 1


His father turned around and said: "It's a Medallion. But listen, Ken."

29 1


Ken's mother walked into the room: "Watashi?"

30 1


Watashi: "...Mayumi, we have to leave. I don't have time to explain everything, but we have to leave."

31 1


"Right now."

32 1


They were safe for now.

But Watashi was not sure how long that would last.

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