Ken glanced at the calendar on his wall.



Ken: “Oh no, I forgot!”





Ken: “I’m sorry I’m so late, Chizu. I-


“Hey I don’t want to hear your excuses, okay? You’re thirty minutes late!”


Ken: “Yes, I know. But you need to understand that I have a lot on my mind. I’m visiting my uncle tomorrow and also-


“You’re so self-absorbed, Ken.”



“Oh I see, well good bye then Mr. Yakamoto. Hmph!”


Jack’s voice: “Are you nuts man?”


“Wow, you screwed up big time. Holy shit man.”


Ken: “Uh, Jack? What the hell are you doing here?”


Jack: “Pfft. None of your damn business!”

Ken: …

Jack: “Well alright. If you insist.”


“The reason I’m here is because I happened to be walking by this restaurant when I saw you run in here.”


“And so then I was like, ‘hey why’s the karate guy running into that restaurant?’ So then I followed you in here-

-and then I, uh, saw this little scene unfold.”

Ken: …


Jack: “Anyway, I’ll see ya tomorrow man.”

Ken: “Oh, about that Jack.”


Jack turns around: “Rise and shine!"


"Oh and by the way, I don’t have a car so I guess you’ll have to drive me to your uncle’s or whatever.”


The next day…


Yoshi guided his robot with a controller. He made it walk towards the passenger seat of his car and then had it sit down inside.


Yoshi: “Hey, so there’s a sneak peak huh? But just wait till you really see this puppy in action!” (Nasally laugh)

As Yoshi closed the door, they heard footsteps coming closer to them.


Jack looked back and forth: “… Well alright then.”



Ken: “Jack Green, meet Yoshi Jukodo. He’ll be driving you.”


Jack: “Uh… Yoshi?”



“There appears to be someone in my seat.”


Yoshi: “Oh, that’s the super fighting robot. My-


Jack interrupts: “Yeah, well anyway. Let’s move him into the back.”

Yoshi: “No!”

Jack: “Ehh???”


Yoshi: “I have to make sure that my invention is in perfect condition. There’s not enough room in the backseat.”


Jack: “Are you kidding me?!”


“There is plenty of room back here for your little metal man.”


“Whereas I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m really tall and I need lots of leg room!”


Yoshi: “I, I’m sorry. But I need to make sure the robot is in top condition. The back seat will ruin its posture.”

“I, I’m very sorry that this is such an inconvenience for you Mr. Green. But I-


Jack interrupts: “Oh my God, this is ridiculous. I mean no offense, but your car is a piece of shit anyway. Whereas look at Ken’s car.”



“Now that is what I call a sexy car.”


Yoshi: “Uh, I don’t think Ken wants… um…”


Jack: “Hey Ken!”



Jack: “Whoa! Fine, I get it. You don’t want a filthy scumbag like me riding in your car, eh?!”


Jack opened the back door to Yoshi’s car.

Yoshi: “Um?”

Jack: “It’s alright man. I’ll just lay back here.”

Yoshi: “Oh, but shouldn’t you wear a seatbelt?”

Ken beeped his car’s horn.

Yoshi: “Oh, sounds like Ken is getting impatient. Time to go!”


And so Ken, Yoshi and Jack left Aomori city to visit Hideaki.

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Great characters, and excellent style. Very unique. I'd like to see this animated!

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