Ten Years later…


Yoshi: “Uh Ken?… Ken? Ken!”

Ken: “What is it Yoshi?”


Yoshi: “Oh I just wanted you to know that my greatest invention ever is COMPLETE! Wanna come over and see it tomorrow? Eh? Eh?”

Ken: “Okay, you know that we’re visiting my uncle tomorrow right?”

Yoshi: “Uh…”


Ken: “You can bring your invention with you. I’m sure that Hideaki would like to see it too.”


Later that night…


Ken heard someone knocking at the door to his apartment.



“…Oh, hey are you the karate master? I saw your ad.”


Ken: “Oh yeah, the karate lessons. I could certainly use the extra cash.”



Ken: “You know, you’re the first person who’s been interested so far.”


“The name’s Jack Green”


Ken: “Uh, Ken Yakamoto.”


“So how long have you been staying here in Japan Jack?”


Jack: “About a week. Can’t remember how I got here though.”


“I literally have no memory of how or why I ended up in Japan. But I do know that I came from California.”


“Pretty weird eh? But anyway, while I’m here I figured I might as well learn some karate. What the hell, you know?”


“Might as well.”

Ken: “Okay,-


-well the lessons will be on Sunday. But-

Jack interrupts: “Oh, that’s tomorrow.”


Ken: “Yeah, but I told my uncle that I’d be visiting…”


“Actually, you know what? Since you’re my first student, how’d you like to learn from the karate master who taught me everything I know?”


Jack: “And who would that be?”

Ken: “My uncle,-


-Hideaki Tsuchi. I’m going to be visiting him tomorrow.”


Jack: “Well alright then. Hell yeah man. I’ll come back in the morning for the karate field trip.”


“But I gotta go now. Got other ‘shtuff’ to do tonight. Later man.”


Ken: “Why did I invite him?”


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