Two years later…


Ken has been learning martial arts from his uncle Hideaki.



Ken: “Heahhh!”

He thrusted his sword forwards and attacked.


He practiced his sword techniques while Hideaki watched.


Hideaki: “Keep your guard up Ken.”


He stood up and walked towards Ken.


Ken: “Uncle Hideaki, why do you think it’s important to learn the martial arts?”


At that moment, a small flying machine flew towards them. Hideaki whipped out his sword and swiftly cut it in half.


Hideaki answered Ken: “Self defense.”


Yoshi: “NOOOO!!!”

He dropped the remote control he was holding and ran towards the broken machine.



Yoshi: “My beetle-bot, I made it myself…”


Hideaki: “Oh, sorry about that Yoshi.”


“But to be fair, you probably shouldn’t have been flying that thing around here. Hm?”


Yoshi: “Yeah… It’s alright. I’ll build a better one.”


“Anyway, your uncle’s place is interesting Ken. But I’ve had enough ‘traditionalism’ for today. Wanna go to the arcade?”


Ken: “I hear they have some new games.”

Their voices trailed off as they walked away.


Hideaki: “Ah, my back!”


Hideaki looked up at the sun.

He knew that he was getting old…

And he was uncertain about what the future may bring.


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