Hideaki lead Ken toward a small room in the back of his house.

Hideaki lead Ken toward a small room in the back of his house.


2 3


3 6


After they entered the room, Ken told his uncle what had transpired previously.

Hideaki spoke to Ken and said: "So then,-

After they entered the room, Ken told his uncle what had transpired previously. Hideaki spoke to Ken and said:


-Watashi and my younger sister Mayumi are dead."

5 9


6 7


"But what's in this briefcase that your father was willing to risk your lives over?"

7 1


"A gold medallion?"


Ken: "There's something else in there."



Hideaki: "You're right, there's a book... It says 'Watashi's Occult Journal'."

 10 7

"If you'd like, I'll read some of it to you?"

Ken: "Yes, please."


Hideaki: "Let's look at the preface."

11 8


"'This journal is a record of my life long fascination of ancient societies and esoteric wisdom."

12 7


"The word 'occult' means hidden or secret and this is the kind of knowledge that I seek. My work has gotten me involved with a secret society known as the 'Twin Dragon Society'."

13 6


"They hired me because of my extensive knowledge of symbolism and ancient artifacts."

14 7


"They say they are in need of an ancient Babylonian medallion with a symbol of the sun on it."



"If I find this medallion (and of course I will)-

16 6


-then The Twin Dragon Society will make me an honorary member of their order.'

Watashi Yakamoto."

17 6


"Ken, did you're father ever tell you any of this?"

18 5


Ken: "No, he was always very secretive about what he did for a living."



Hideaki: "Hm..."

He skimmed through some pages of the book.



Ken: "Uncle Hideaki? My father wrote in his journal one last time... before we left."

21 5


Hideaki: "Well then, let's see what he said."

22 5


"This will be the last time that I ever write in this journal. The solar medallion is finally in my possession."


"Surprisingly, the clues I had at my disposal had lead me to an ancient Jomon burial site. Right here in the Aomori Prefecture."

24 4


"I found this Babylonian relic buried in a grave there."

25 3


"I'm still not exactly sure how it got there since the only clues I used to find it were a bunch of old myths and legends."



"On my way back to Twin Dragon headquarters, I was approached by a man named Hiroshi Miyamoto."


"This man was a giant. Possibly 7 foot 5. He was a member of Twin Dragon who I was not very familiar with."

28 3


"Hiroshi claimed that he had some ancient Babylonian ancestry-

29 3


-and that his ancestor, who he called 'The Ancient One', was the original owner of the solar medallion."

30 2


"Therefore, he reasoned that the medallion belonged to him. He also told me that the only reason the society even knew about this Medallion was because of his knowledge."

31 2


"But I didn't trust this man's intentions and so I refused to give it to him."


"There's no telling what kind of black magic he was planning to use it for."

33 3


"But the next day, when I was planning to share my discovery with the others, I found that their headquarters were in ruin."


"Hiroshi and his allies had ransacked Twin Dragon headquarters and killed everyone in it."


"After I witnessed the massacre which had transpired there, I fled from the scene and escaped with my life."


"I hate to put my family and I at risk. But I can't let this medallion fall into the wrong hands."

37 1


"My journeys around the globe have made me all too aware of the reality of magic."


"There's nothing more to say now, except that I am very unhappy with what I have chosen to do with my life."

39 1




Hideaki: "Ken..."

41 1


"I do not understand how this medallion could have such power like your father claimed. But regardless,-

42 1


-I shall guard it with my life. And likewise,-



-I shall also protect you with my life."

44 1


"I will teach you the way of our ancestors."

45 1


"The way of the samurai."



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