Hideaki lead Ken toward a small room in the back of his house.




After they entered the room, Ken told his uncle what had transpired previously.

Hideaki spoke to Ken and said: "So then,-


-Watashi and my younger sister Mayumi are dead."



"But what's in this briefcase that your father was willing to risk your lives over?"


"A gold medallion?"


Ken: "There's something else in there."


Hideaki: "You're right, there's a book... It says 'Watashi's Occult Journal'."


"If you'd like, I'll read some of it to you?"

Ken: "Yes, please."


Hideaki: "Let's look at the preface."


"'This journal is a record of my life long fascination of ancient societies and esoteric wisdom."


"The word 'occult' means hidden or secret and this is the kind of knowledge that I seek. My work has gotten me involved with a secret society known as the 'Twin Dragon Society'."


"They hired me because of my extensive knowledge of symbolism and ancient artifacts."


"They say they are in need of an ancient Babylonian medallion with a symbol of the sun on it."


"If I find this medallion (and of course I will)-


-then The Twin Dragon Society will make me an honorary member of their order.'

Watashi Yakamoto."


"Ken, did you're father ever tell you any of this?"


Ken: "No, he was always very secretive about what he did for a living."


Hideaki: "Hm..."

He skimmed through some pages of the book.


Ken: "Uncle Hideaki? My father wrote in his journal one last time... before we left."


Hideaki: "Well then, let's see what he said."


"This will be the last time that I ever write in this journal. The solar medallion is finally in my possession."


"Surprisingly, the clues I had at my disposal had lead me to an ancient Jomon burial site. Right here in the Aomori Prefecture."


"I found this Babylonian relic buried in a grave there."


"I'm still not exactly sure how it got there since the only clues I used to find it were a bunch of old myths and legends."


"On my way back to Twin Dragon headquarters, I was approached by a man named Hiroshi Miyamoto."


"This man was a giant. Possibly 7 foot 5. He was a member of Twin Dragon who I was not very familiar with."


"Hiroshi claimed that he had some ancient Babylonian ancestry-


-and that his ancestor, who he called 'The Ancient One', was the original owner of the solar medallion."


"Therefore, he reasoned that the medallion belonged to him. He also told me that the only reason the society even knew about this Medallion was because of his knowledge."


"But I didn't trust this man's intentions and so I refused to give it to him."


"There's no telling what kind of black magic he was planning to use it for."


"But the next day, when I was planning to share my discovery with the others, I found that their headquarters were in ruin."


"Hiroshi and his allies had ransacked Twin Dragon headquarters and killed everyone in it."


"After I witnessed the massacre which had transpired there, I fled from the scene and escaped with my life."


"I hate to put my family and I at risk. But I can't let this medallion fall into the wrong hands."


"My journeys around the globe have made me all too aware of the reality of magic."


"There's nothing more to say now, except that I am very unhappy with what I have chosen to do with my life."



Hideaki: "Ken..."


"I do not understand how this medallion could have such power like your father claimed. But regardless,-


-I shall guard it with my life. And likewise,-


-I shall also protect you with my life."


"I will teach you the way of our ancestors."


"The way of the samurai."


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